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# 63205 [add to Design Ideas]

Sandstone - Pewter

# 63210 [add to Design Ideas]

Concentric Squares - Concentric Squares Grey

# 63212 [add to Design Ideas]

Concentric Squares - Sky

# 63213 [add to Design Ideas]

Concentric Squares - Multi

# 63226 [add to Design Ideas]

Jubilee - Periwinkle

# 63266 [add to Design Ideas]

Stepping Stones - Multi

# 63308 [add to Design Ideas]

River Bend - Multi

# 63313 [add to Design Ideas]

- Hula Hoop-Lake

# 63354 [add to Design Ideas]

Prism- Ice Blue -

# 67650 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Old Glory - Newport Red

# 67651 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - High Jinks - Multi

# 67652 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Fair Winds - Blue

# 67653 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Winnepeg - Multi

# 67654 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Prism - Sun

# 67655 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Make A Point - Multi

# 67656 [add to Design Ideas]

Geometric - Prism - Pewter



We carry the Company C full line. If you do not see the rug you are looking for, please let us know.


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We've assigned our own numbers to the Company C rugs as their number system is very different from ours. The styles are the Company C rugs original names.



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